UCS Virtual


Welcome to UCS Virtual in Second Life™

A virtual UCS campus has been constructed in Second Life™, one of the world’s most widely used shared virtual environments. It enables tutors and learners to come together in the form of their avatars: computer generated representations of themselves that are fashioned to their personal requirements. Through their avatars tutors and learners meet and interact with each other on campus, access course material and engage in a shared e-learning experience, regardless of their physical location in real life.

Benefits of e-Learning in Second Life™

  • Courses can be attended by learners through their PC or Mac from any convenient location, such as their place of work or at home.
  • Courses can be attended at any time: live when the course is being delivered, or later from a recording.
  • Course content can be readily accessed and downloaded.
  • Learners can interact with tutors by voice, text and Instant Messaging in real time while the course is being delivered.
  • Lecture theatres and class rooms on the virtual UCS campus can be readily tailored to requirements.
  • The virtual campus contains tutorial rooms where tutors and learners can come together to discuss course work in private, and there are café areas where learners can gather to socialise.
  • Seeing tutors and learners in all of these spaces in the form of their avatars creates a strong feeling of being there with them in person, which enhances interactions and promotes closer relationships.

Using UCS Virtual

In order to enter the virtual UCS campus and experience e-Learning in Second Life™ it is necessary to have a user account in Second Life and to register as an approved visitor to the campus. For guidance on that please go to the ‘Register|’ page.

If you already have an account in Second Life and have previous experience of the virtual UCS campus, feel free to use the quick links at the top-right of this page.