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Welcome to the Waterfront Gallery at UCS in Ipswich, an innovative and exciting contemporary exhibition space.

The Gallery is located within the main UCS Waterfront Building, facing onto the idyllic Ipswich Waterfront. Our exhibition space is adjacent to the vibrant Theta Cafe, which offers a selection of refreshments to be enjoyed while experiencing the art and the impressive waterfront view. 

Admission to the Waterfront Gallery is free and all are welcome, students, staff and members of the public alike. The Gallery is currently open from Monday to Friday. For more information on our programme please visit the Forthcoming exhibitions.


In 2015, the Waterfront Gallery hosted a wide range of exhibitions. It started the year in reverse with an exhibition entitled 'Reverse' by Rimantas Plunge who leads the Contemporary Art Department at the Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas, Lithuania and finished the year with an international exhibition entitled 'Collateral Drawing' which  revealed elements from the artists creative process that would otherwise remain unseen by the public alongside a finished artwork.

In 2016 our dynamic programme will continue to provide local audiences with the opportunity to engage with contemporary art.

The Waterfront Gallery is home to the 'East Contemporary Art: A Collection of 21st Century Practice which is housed at UCS. The collection is the initiative of Robert Priseman and Simon Carter who set out to create a new contemporary art collection, distinct from the historic collections yet complementary to them. UCS is proud to house this permanent collection that captures the diversity of practice in the region and re-affirms the importance of artists’ work to our creative journey. It signals the development of the relationships between artists and UCS’ academic staff and students and will impact on wider community engagement. It also has the potential to open discussion on practice and process, and provides a platform for wider arts debates. For more information about the collection please visit the East Contemporary Art webpages|.

In 2016 our dynamic programme will continue to provide local audiences with the opportunity to engage with contemporary art. 

Current Exhibition

Contemporary Chinese Works on Paper

7 July - 1 August

UCS is proud to present the Contemporary Chinese Works on Paper in the Waterfront Gallery, Waterfront Building from 7 July to 1 August. 

Curated by Robert Priseman, Mengmeng Wang from Xi'an China and Marco Cali this exhibition includes outstanding contemporary drawings from China by outstanding and leading artists from China.  Robert Priseman, founder of Contemporary British Painting and Fellow at UCS, has been working with both Mengmeng Wang and Marco Cali to bring this event to the region. This greatly anticipated exhibition comes after a successful exhibition of works on paper Notes on China at the Minories Art Gallery in Colchester.

Featured artists:

Cai Longfei | Cai Xiaohua | Chen Yan | Chu Shaowei | Dong Zhong | Gao Hao | Gu Xiang | Guo Tao | Guo Zichun | He Dan | He Tianqi | He Yating | Hou Zhuowu | Hu Zuhao | Jiao Ye | Kumi Usui | Li Changlong | Li Ma | Li Xiaoqian | Liao Zongrong | Liu De | Lui Xijie | Su Jie | Sunlei | Wang Chao | Wang Fenghua | Wang Yigang | Wu ShuNong | Yang Feng | Yang Shuangqing | Yao Zhihui | Yu Aijun | Yu Cun | Zang Xiao Tao | Zhang Danni | Zhang Lei | Zhao Jia | Zhong Xiaojing |Zhou Chaowei | Zhou Zhongming |

These prestigious artists' works included in the exhibition reflect decades of transition from traditional art to the current and dynamic presentation of what contemporary art is occurring in China today. As a counter point to the work of the Chinese artists and academics, British artist Wendy Elia's multi-ethnic work Made In Britain is also included.

This exciting exhibition is accompanied by the Symposium Exchanging Notes With China on 1 August where artists from China and from Britain will be presenting their work and discussing contemporary art today.

Upon leaving the Waterfront Gallery this powerful exhibition will open at the prestigious Museum of Modern Art in Xi'an, China in August 2016. 

For more information on the exhibition and the symposium please contact Carol Gant at c.gant2@ucs.ac.uk


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Painting by Wendy Elia entitled Made In Britain