Heritage at UCS


UCS is currently developing Heritage as subject collaboration and interdisciplinary research strand between the Suffolk Business School and the Department of Arts and Humanities.  

The Business School launched the FdA / BA Management for the Heritage Sector in September 2013. 

The vision for Heritage at UCS is that it will develop over the next two to three years to be recognised as a regional, national and international centre of excellence for research and engagement in a distinctive range of applied heritage and historic environment thematic areas.

What do we mean by heritage?

We are interpreting the concept of heritage broadly - with two underpinning drivers being the ‘business of heritage’ in the region, namely tourism and historic environment management; and the ‘cultural heritage’ of the region, related to the unique characteristics of the landscapes, history, communities and museum collections in Suffolk and wider eastern region. 

Academic Activities

A blog| is currently charting the development and activities of the UCS Heritage project, and a monthly research seminar has been established to which all are welcome. To be added to the mailing list for the research seminar, please get in touch using the contact details on this page.

Within UCS, heritage is being developed and interrogated in distinct and innovative ways:

  • In the Suffolk Business School we are focusing the work of the Tourism, Heritage and Events team around the 'cultural' leisure offer (via cultural heritage and maritime tourism and events). This focus meshes closely with related areas elsewhere in business and management, namely SME development, sustainability, and inter-cultural management, and is adding distinctive case study material. Additionally, core ‘management’ research and skills remain underdeveloped in the heritage sector, and academic interrogation of management and strategy (particularly foresight / scenario planning research, policy development and organisational change) within heritage organisations is providing a fruitful area of research opportunity.
  • In the Department of Arts and Humanities, the focus for Heritage is on the interpretation of the archaeological and built heritage, archival research relating to heritage, and the display of archaeological and cultural artefacts in museums. There is wider interest in the Department in the field of Interior Design and Architecture for historic buildings, as well as for exhibition design; Graphic Design for signage and interpretation; Film for using historical documentary as well as recording heritage monuments; and Photography for recording heritage. Humanities will research the area of heritage interpretation. 
  • In the Department of Science and Technology, the Computer Games Design team is developing some heritage games.

Opportunities to engage with us

Members of the UCS heritage team are closely involved in many professional activities and projects around the country, and place 'industry interaction' central to the vision for the subject at UCS. An overview of these are presented on the associated Further Information pages.  Expertise across a range of specialised  areas can be commissioned to undertake consultancy projects or bespoke research, and we welcome enquiries about the services UCS Heritage can offer.  We also welcome applications from students who would like to undertake Doctoral research in the field of heritage: please get in touch with one of the academic leads via the Further Information pages listed on the right hand side of this page.


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