How to login to Wolsey

An easy initial route to Wolsey is through the UCS home page ( ) on which you will find a link to 'Staff/Student login' which takes you to the Wolsey login page. When you get there you might like to bookmark this page (if you are on your own computer) so that you can easily find it again.

You should login using your student ID number (which starts with an 'S') as your user name and the password that you have chosen.

The Wolsey home page

On the right hand side of the Wolsey home page is a list of all of the modules on which you are enrolled. It also displays a course area where you can access generic course information.

Your results

The results of modules that you have completed will be shown on Wolsey in the 'Results' tab.

Module areas

The module links on the Wolsey home page take you to module areas where tutors will upload module materials.

Student Information Directory

This is one of the most useful areas of Wolsey for students and can be found by clicking the Help & Advice tab at the top of the Wolsey and selecting 'Student information directory' on the left hand menu.