Applicant Portal

All applicants to UCS will be given access to an Applicant Portal. The Applicant Portal is designed to support students through the application process, answer any questions they may have on the admissions process and track the status of their application.

The portal is designed as a safe environment for applicants to chat to each other, make new friends and ask questions. They will also be able to read about student life in Suffolk and Great Yarmouth, read profiles of current students, learn more about student accommodation and find out more about the UCS Students' Union. It is also where you find out details regarding Induction and complete your enrolment here.

Applicants will be sent an email from the Admissions team after their application is received detailing how to access the portal and providing them with their unique username and password. It is vital that you keep your log-in details safe as you need to log-in to the portal on a regular basis to find out key information throughout the application process.

It is a valuable tool to use throughout your application with us.