Paola Leonardi

Date and Time: 14/4/2014 9:00 - 23/5/2014 18:00
Location: Waterfront Gallery

Paola Leonardi

BORDERLANDS: The Edges of Europe

UCS is delighted to present a new exhibition by photographer Paola Leonardi entitled  “Borderlands: the Edges of Europe” . This new body of work is a collection of analogue photographs representing the people and places along the borders of the European Union, developed with the purpose of creating an online archive narrating life at the edges of Europe.

Leonardi is interested in concepts of identity, memory and territory and how those have been shaped by events, investigating how communities relate to the land they inhabit and to their European identity.

Borders are lines on a map, which the photographer follows traveling mainly on foot in order to foster casual encounters and collect stories along the way. The photographs explore the connection between people and territory and the significance of trans-national and trans-cultural identities.

This project concentrates on land borders, and the concept of geographical Europe is juxtaposed to that of political Europe/European Union.|

About the Artist

Paola Leonardi (born Italy 1980) is a London based photographer and a Lecturer in Photography at University Campus Suffolk.

Since completing the MA Image and Communication at Goldsmiths College in 2006, Paola has worked both commercially as well as developing personal projects. Her work has been previously sponsored by the Arts Council England and she has exhibited in the UK, Italy, Armenia and the US.

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